extra-space-with-a-pergola image from our Fort Wayne Project

Extra Space With A Pergola

Posted on January 13, 2019

One great way to get some extra use out of your backyard space is by installing a pergola. They add value to the space all year round, and provide shade in those warmer months. \n

\nThere are several benefits to the construction of a pergola. One of them is that the pergola makes the most out of your outdoor space. When built with one wall attached to the house, a pergola will add room for furniture to an outdoor space, and can provide protection against the elements. \n

\nOne other major benefit to the pergola is that you can determine the amount of shade it provides. Looking for minimal shade that has style? You can have that. Do you require more shade from the sun, so you can have some relief from the hot summer sun? That’s possible too. With a pergola, you decide. \n

\nPergolas can help bring style and substance to your outdoor living space. Do you have a space that’s not being used? We’d love to talk to you about turning your space into a great area for you and your family!\n

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