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Outdoor Grills

Posted on May 28, 2020

One great tradition of any summer is grilling out with friends and family. There’s just something about having people gather around and enjoy delicious food fresh off the grill that makes the warm weather special. If you haven’t gotten yourself an outdoor grill yet, maybe it’s time to start looking into your options.\n\nThere are the traditional grills that are free standing and can be portable. Whether you’re a gas or charcoal fan, there are tons of options out there for you. In recent years, grills like the Big Green Egg have become popular as an alternative to the traditional grills. These are stylish and also provide additional cooking options that traditional grills may not offer. Finding the right place for your grill, however, can be a great task in itself.\n\nMost people will place their grills in the back yard, or on their back patio. If your back yard is in need of a patio to host your grilling parties, we can help with that. However, there are other options for your grilling needs. \n\nAt Rowan Landscape and Design, we specialize in outdoor grill installations. We take the time to measure your space, select the best materials for the job, and install a beautiful space to accommodate your grill, and cooking space as well, so you can prepare your grill masterpieces freely. Give us a call to schedule your estimate for your outdoor grilling

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