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Outdoor Speakers

Posted on April 28, 2019

Outdoor speakers add a whole new dimension to your outdoor living space. Not only does it allow you to enjoy all your favorite music from inside the home, it also puts you in control of the party. When choosing outdoor speakers, there are a few things to consider, in order to get the perfect complement to your outdoor space.\n\nThere are essentially two main types of outdoor speakers, permanently installed speakers and portable ones. Both have their unique benefits, so you’ll want to be sure what your specific needs are before you purchase.\n\nIf detailed sound that will stay outdoors all year long, and gets power from a receiver inside the home, then the permanent solution is for you. They are similar to your indoor speakers, however they are weather resistant, and in many cases these days, are waterproof. They also come with mounting brackets, allowing you to mount them wherever you like along the porch or patio. \n\nIf you are looking for sound outdoors, but don’t want the permanence of mounted, hard-wired speakers; then portable speakers are a great choice. In most cases, portable speakers have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to control the tunes through your phone easily. Some also have Wi-Fi connectivity, which will allow you to control the music through your phone, but will be limited to the range of your Wi-Fi connection.\n\nIn either case, adding outdoor speakers to your outdoor space will help make your porch or patio the preferred destination of all your friends this spring and summer. If you’re looking for recommendations, we can help!

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