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Privacy Trees And Shrubs

Posted on May 13, 2018

We all know how beautiful privacy trees and shrubs can make a home look, once installed. There’s just something about that look that sets a property apart from the others on the block. But, what are the best privacy trees or shrubs for our area? The answer is a little more complicated than it may appear to be, but don’t worry. Rowan Landscape & Design, has the knowledge and the capability to make your home stand out.

First, it’s important to understand the type of trees or shrubs you’ll want to use. Across the country, there are different Climate Zones. These zones vary based on the kind of weather patterns and average temperatures they contain. Our zone, here in the northern part of Indiana, is Zone 5. We won’t bore you with the science behind it, but basically we get our zone designation based on average temperatures and weather patterns, as we mentioned previously. So, what does this mean for your privacy row of trees or shrubs? Well, the answer may surprise you.

We have seen customers in the past that have went down to the local nursery and picked whatever shrub looked good to them at the moment, but there really needs to be some careful planning done before you select them. There are some important questions you should ask.

  • Do you want a shrub that will have a creeping habit?
  • What kind of overall spread do you want your shrubs to have?
  • What is the condition of the ground (ground pH, drainage, texture, etc) in which you will be planting your shrubs?
  • How much wind and sun exposure will the planting site receive?

These are all very important questions to ask, and your Rowan Landscape & Design consultant will be sure to maximize the quality of the shrub to work with your unique planting site. Some examples of smaller deciduous shrubs (under 3 feet max height) include Bearberry, Golden Mop Cypress, and Boxwood. These sizes of shrubs are perfect for accenting an outdoor hardscape, and can be installed quickly with minimal excavation required.

Intermediate deciduous shrubs, which can reach up to 5 feet tall, that are great for Zone 5 climates include Serviceberry, Japanese Barberry, and Azalea. These help to provide more privacy than smaller shrubs, and also add to the overall aesthetic of a home’s exterior.

If you’re looking for something larger still, larger deciduous shrubs can reach up to 9 feet in height, providing an attractive, natural privacy wall for you and your family to enjoy. Some of these sizes of shrubs include Butterfly Bush, Rose of Sharon, and Purple Leaved Sandcherry. Of course, these examples aren’t your only options, so be sure to speak with your RL & D consultant about your specific needs, so we can tailor our design to your wishes. Be sure to ask about which evergreen shrubs are available for this climate zone, for a look that lasts all year long.

Sometimes people enjoy the look and privacy of a shrub line. However, there are several Zone 5 options for trees that can also help provide privacy and help accentuate your property. Some of the most popular types of trees for privacy are the American Arborvitae and the familiar Blue Spruce. These trees provide excellent privacy, and will also enhance curb appeal for years to come. If you’re looking for a more colorful option, consider a Japanese Red Maple, or an Eastern Redbud to give your property a splash of color that’s sure to turn heads. A nice, dense look to the natural privacy wall can be made with a row of Canadian Hemlock trees, and can be sheared to any height you wish, allowing for the shaping of that perfect look for you.

Are you looking to get some privacy shrubs or trees planted this spring? We would love to help you select the perfect look and style that will compliment any exterior! We have a friendly and professional team that will help guide you through the process, and can answer any questions you have about what option is best for you. Schedule your appointment today, and start enjoying your outdoor space!

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