Exterior Lighting

Transform Your Nights with Expert Lighting Design

Our custom lighting designs are crafted to complement your outdoor living spaces, landscape features, and the architectural details of your home, creating an enchanting atmosphere that invites you to enjoy your outdoor spaces, day and night.

Lighting Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with bespoke lighting solutions from Rowan Landscape & Design. Our expert exterior lighting services enhance the beauty, safety, and usability of your property after dark.
Pathway Lighting
Guide your steps and add charm to walkways.
Accent Lighting
Highlight architectural features and landscape details.
Ambient Lighting
Create a warm and inviting outdoor atmosphere.

Our Process: Illuminating Your Space

We take a detailed approach to ensure your lighting design perfectly matches your aesthetic and functional needs.

Step-by-Step Illumination

Step 1
Discuss your vision, needs, and explore lighting options.
Step 2
Develop a customized lighting plan that harmonizes with your landscape and outdoor features.
Step 3
Implement the design with precision, using high-quality, durable lighting fixtures.
Step 4
Adjustment & Final Review
Fine-tune the installation to ensure optimal lighting and your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose Rowan Landscape & Design for Your Exterior Lighting?

Choosing us for your exterior lighting project means selecting a partner dedicated to creating a magical outdoor setting that reflects your style and meets your needs for security and functionality.